Frictionless set up, no contracts. Your escape from high fees

eTab is your brand’s contactless ordering platform for curbside, takeout & delivery.

  • Real Savings:

    eTab fees – 3.5% – no transaction fee vs (delivery apps) 20-30% fees. How is eTab less? It’s simple we give our clients fair pricing based on true cost. Others offer online orders for pickup only and charge more. No point! eTab includes DoorDash delivery right in our white-labeled platform built for you. Get the complete solution for all orders including delivery. Not just carryout like others. 

  • Increase Revenues:

    Saving can’t get any easier. ePayments will build your brand an amazing order platform, that saves you money. Your eTab food orders are delivered by DoorDash. You pay the eTab cost of 3.5% or less for every order. You are not paying any % to DoorDash with eTab. Same order experience, look-feel & your branding. Partner with us – to gain thousands of dollars once lost to high fees.  

  • Advanced Platform Technology:

    ePayments – eTab order platform is proprietary. A direct partnership with DoorDash to deliver eTab orders, provides you a much lower cost per order. eTab is the complete solution your business needs! Consolidated order data in one platform via eTab. DoorDash deliveries and carryout, curbside orders. By implementing eTab as your order platform you’ll see the savings add up right away. It just makes business sense to pay 3.5% vs 20-30%. Reach out to get started!      

  • Dine-in

    Customers scan the QR code, view the visually appealing platform menu. Customize order and pay. Tickets print to kitchen and register.

  • Curbside

    Provide your customers safety and convenience. eTab collects name & vehicle details for curbside orders.

  • Carryout

    Take orders from anywhere. Online, mobile and social media. We take care of everything for you.

  • Delivery

    DoorDash delivers eTab orders, we can also configure for in-house delivery. All at a 3.5% cost, it’s time to dich high fees!

What Does eTab Cost?

Once Factoring In Savings. It's Virtually No Cost
$49 / mo
Order Platform Online and Mobile, Delivery Network. Design, Deployment and On Going Service and Support!
  • 3.5% or less on every order. Online, mobile orders for carryout, curbside or delivery. DoorDash or In-house delivery options.
  • DoorDash collects delivery charges and tips on delivery orders only. (same fee customers pay on apps) M2M agreement, no contract.
  • Optional: +$16.00/mo contactless dine-In Option - Customers scan, customize order and pay at your tables.
`` EPayments Etab product has been amazing. Along with the POS solution for our restaurant. They literally cut 80% of our cost for 3rd party delivery apps. We really appreciate the amazing service and love that we can always call and speak to someone to address questions. All restaurants need this Etab service for online ordering from Epayments it really makes a big difference. Best card payments company we have ever used.``
Indira Mahesh-Kumar

Sitara India


Who is eTab for?

Ordering, Delivery, eCommerce

eTab is most commonly used for restaurants to facilitate carry out, curbside, delivery, and catering orders. However, it can also be configured as a “micro” eCommerce website for any business wanting to sell online and mobile.  Retailers, restaurants, clothing stores, gift shops, pet stores etc. All businesses can benefit from the eTab order platform for delivery and eCommerce transactions. The possibilities are limitless. Contact us today to discuss your needs and our team will make it a reality!


How does eTab Work?

Modern eCommerce ordering

eTab was developed for frictionless online or mobile ordering. You’ll notice the same look and feel of delivery apps, by design. Frictionless delivery by DoorDash is built in-to eTab. Fast set up and your ready to sell. We handle linking to your website & social media platforms for easy customer access. A small printer is included for quick and easy printing of kitchen-style receipts. We can also add text or email notifications on orders. Manage it all in your eTab HQ. Simple fast setup, major relief from high fees!


Why Online Ordering?

Quick Setup & Easy Integration

The Convenience to order online, mobile has become a must for businesses today! 80% of consumers order this way for delivery/takeout at least once a week. Why pay up to 30% in fees? You shouldn’t! You’ve been accepting payments for years, it’s never been 30%. Think about it, it’s crazy! eTab delivers the same value at a fair cost. We help brand’s thrive in this new environment. With eTab your customers can order carryout, curbside or delivery. Get eTab today for a frictionless order experience.

Why choose eTab
ordering solutions?

eTab is a proprietary online/mobile ordering platform for businesses like yours

  • Must Have Convenience
    Online, Mobile & Social

    Today offering easy, on demand food ordering is a must. We built the eTab platform based off delivery apps. Same look and feel and on demand satisfaction to your customers. Good news for you it’s a fraction of the cost.

  • Gain Lost Revenues
    eTab's fees are 3.5% or less

    By partnering with ePayments, your business will operates just like the delivery apps. Together, we’ll deliver the same on demand experience with the convenience of food delivery, carryout and curbside.

  • Win-Win
    Customers love it!

    Customers are loyal to your brand. Keep them in-house with ePayments. Using eTab is a win-win for you and your customers. No need to mark up prices to try to cover high fees.

  • Deliver Brand Experience
    Convenient & Modern

    eTab provides a seamless and familiar  purchase experience for your customers. Complete with the latest on demand order process and payment technology. All personalized and branded for you.